Vlad is a Sound Designer based in Vienna, Austria.

The audio production and postproduction career started in 2012 on the set of the Hallmark produced ‘A Royal Christmas’ . Since then I worked on several short and long productions. After coming to Austria to study Audio Design I immersed myself in the worldwide community of sound designers. Through those experiences I take care of details and make sure to enhance the story I am working on and create a consistent and believable environment. Through my studies I discovered Immersive Audio, the possibilities and flexibility of this new technology interests me and I ended up writing my Master Thesis about Immersive Audio Broadcasting. Each project I work on is a creative adventure and exploring new ways to achieve the desired result is everytime an adventure.


Sound Design is about manipulating sounds or creating them to fit the project in question. Making sure to transmit the vision of the project coordinator while also creating an immersive environment is the canvas where the story can unfold. 

Music is a big part of audio-visual media. If a project requires another dimension of storytelling, music is usually a great choice. Having the same person compose the music and create the sound landscape takes away any conflict that can appear between the two creative outlets. 

Having all the sounds and music being heard is obviously important. Creating a rich stereo image can make a big difference to the audience as well as creating a unique experience. This final step of the postproduction is placing everything in the desired place.

Since this technology has been developed the possibilities for powerful and unique experience are bigger than ever before. While talking about binaural or multichannel audio both can add depth to any desired project.


If you're curious about my rates, or just have some questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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